Pictures of the ice in Nashville 2/17/15

It’s so icy outside, I could barely even walk my dogs down the street without falling down. If only I had 4 legs, too! On the way back I noticed beautiful icicles in a nearby tree. Then of course, a few pictures of my icy-eyed dog. I would have pictures of my beagle, too, but she was off exploring with her nose.

6 thoughts on “Pictures of the ice in Nashville 2/17/15

  1. Albie chases and tries to wrestle with Merle. Merle mostly has none of it. She’s quite an insular little soul, everything has to be on her terms, and all things considered she’d rather her head wasn’t being carried around in the mouth of a beagle, thank you. I had Albie first, and I know he’s very disappointed in me for not getting him a proper dog – a whippet, a greyhound, a boxer, a dalmatian – something that likes to run and be eaten.

  2. Now then – Albie may not be a typical beagle in his roaming ways, but I don’t have many photos of him because neither does he stay particularly close…

    1. What kind is your other dog? Looks like she (or he) is more of the type of breed to stay closer to the owner. My 2nd dog is like that, she rather run around with me than most anything else.

      1. Merle is an working type english springer spaniel. A very small one. And she is super-obedient. I had hoped it would rub off on Albs. Not so. Her favourite thing is playing fetch. Albie’s favourite thing is getting to the stick or ball before her and running around in crazy circles taunting her with it. There’s more chance of hell freezing over than him returning a prize.

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