The blue and black dress that might be white and gold

It’s so interesting how the dress has taken the internet by storm. The nation was divided on whether the dress is a combo of blue and black, or white and gold. Yet, I haven’t come across any article or comment to offer up blue and gold, which is what I see. Take a look.

via swiked on Tumblr
via swiked on Tumblr

This article breaks down the arguments quite well, when the reality is that it’s probably just a poorly-taken photo. Maybe the dress was under a yellow canopy, giving the black a golden hue. Whether everyone just needs to agree to disagree or not, I think we can all agree this guy will soon be saying what they said on Arrested Development all the time, “I think I made a mistake.” Yeah, that’s a tattoo.
tattoo-Out of the Wilderness

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