Feeling vs. Thinking vs. Saying on Friday the 13th

I feel like people are being overdramatic about Friday the 13th.

I feel like we talked about this once.

I feel like Jason is misunderstood.

This is what I’ve notice recently. People opening a sentence with “”I feel like…” when in reality, the person is saying what they think or believe. It has nothing to do with real feelings. Annoying right? I chatted with a co-worker about it today. Here’s a snippet: (I am A, my friend is B)

11:30 AM
A: Have you noticed how many people are saying “I feel like” in conversations?

11:31 AM
B: I feel like “like” is one of the biggest crutches in the english language.

11:33 AM
A: how so? what context? and… do you feel like that, or think that?
you don’t feel thoughts
you think thoughts

11:35 AM
B: “I was like, ‘why are you acting this way? Like it’s not even a big deal.’ And she’s like, ‘Because you totally sold me out.'” People should say, “I said, ‘why are you acting this way? It’s not a big deal.’ And she said, ‘Because you totally sold me out.'” Like is completely unnecessary.

11:39 AM
A: totally agree
my beef is with the word “feel”
but I suppose “I feel like” is annoying all around now

11:39 AM
B: i think so

11:40 AM
A: unless you’re saying “I feel like a spoiled banana”
I feel like a thief on the run
that would make a whole lotta sense
I like this
I’m going to pay special attention to how I speak this weekend

11:41 AM
B: “I feel like you’re mad at me.” NOOOOO. “I think you’re mad at me.” YESSSSS

11:41 AM
A: ding ding ding
did we do this last week? I feel like we did.
Um, no, you think we did.
memory is not a feeling
thinking is not a feeling
being annoyed…yes, that’s a feeling
did we do this last week? I feel annoyed by that question.
THAT’s a good answer

Unfortunately I’ve caught myself starting a thought off with “I feel like,” but if we ever cross paths and you hear me say that and it’s not followed by “a million bucks” or “making a sandwich” or “putting on a robe after that lovely shower here in this Vegas hotel,” you have my permission to slap my face. Then I will be reminded how feeling something actually feels.

Let’s all say how we’re feeling, what we’re thinking, and what we believe, but let’s not mix it all together and go on as if it’s OK. I don’t believe it is, and I feel like we agree. Wink.

-Out of the Wilderness

3 thoughts on “Feeling vs. Thinking vs. Saying on Friday the 13th

  1. I’ve never paid attention to this in the past, but now that you’ve pointed it out, I have a hunch I will notice it from now on and it will annoy me. Just like, for the first time I’ve ever noticed it happening, people are getting annoyed with someone say St Patty’s Day instead of St Paddy’s Day. Now when I see it incorrectly as Patty, it annoys me even though I’ve never known until this year that that was incorrect.

    1. This is first I’ve heard of the Patty/Paddy debate…I had no idea which was correct! I didn’t hear of anyone being annoyed by the difference, but please keep in mind all I did on that special day was go to work and come home from work. Real party animal here!

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