Atlantis: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Keep the Faith.
We’re already on the second day of our trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas and our theme for the day is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” It’s a tough one because there’s a ride called the Leap of Faith. It takes a leap of faith to say yes, to walk up the stairs without turning around, and to not make up a reason why you can’t do it. You might be worried as you climb up the steps leading to the slide entrance. But our theme was to not worry. As Michael Jackson once sang, keep the faith. Faith that if the ride were dangerous, no one would do it. Right? Plus, the entire trip down this particular slide takes all of 3 seconds. Anyone can do anything for 3 seconds. 

Bahemian Rhapsody.
So I should back track a little. We’re on Day 2 but it was about 2 months ago that I kind of invited myself on this trip. It originally was my Dad, Mom, and my sister’s oldest 2 daughters. Without a day job, I thought there was no better time to tagalong. After a few days of consideration, I was “in”. How can I turn down a chance to visit another beach, especially with my fun family? So a couple of things I should confirm for you: Yes, the Bahamians have accents. Yes, the accent sounds awesome. Yes, things cost a lot of money, a box of name brand Cheerios is about $8.

Hey, mon.
Throughout the whole trip my nieces have been saying, “Hey, mon!” to each other, along with a made up song that includes belting out commands and adding “mon!” to the end. It’s amazing. Something like, “Get out my face, mon,” or “Put on your shoes, mon,” or “Let’s eat some food, mon,” anything with 4 syllables, I guess. Of course, I cannot not think of this scene from the Cosby Show every time one of us says, “Hey, mon!”

Better be startin’ somethin’.
From the moment we arrived, we were already startin’ to have fun checking out the water rides, swimming and playing on the Atlantis Beach, talking with an island accent, and for me, meandering through the casino. We’re all looking forward to more beach fun!
-Out of the Wilderness

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