My 3 favorite Prince songs

Header-Prince-628x378I didn’t expect this news today, but finding out that Prince has passed will most definitely send shockwaves across the world, and fill up Twitter and Facebook for the coming days. I didn’t know much of his music when I was growing up, more of a reflection on me than his music, though. In the last decade or so, I’ve come to love a handful of his songs. Another thing that I kinda LOVE is that it’s pretty much impossible to find his music without buying it. So along with this list, I’ve included links where you can listen to the track, and buy it, too. Here’s some bonus content, Billboard’s list of Prince’s Top 20 hits.

7 (yes, it’s just the number seven, click, then scroll down to the track #15 to listen to it)

Purple Rain (click, scroll down to track #8)

Little Red Corvette (track #2)

Honorable Mention:
When Doves Cry (first track. Mostly because MC Hammer sampled it for his song “Pray”)



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