High-waisted pants for women, but why?

I don’t know if Taylor Swift deserves the full blame for this, but somewhere in my subconscious there’s an image of Taylor in high-waisted shorts (or high-rise, if that’s the proper term for them), and ever since she wore them in public women everywhere have been wearing them in public.

photo of woman in white off shoulder top and blue denim shorts standing by the beach
Photo by Emir Kaan Okutan on Pexels.com

Then somewhere along the way I heard that women don’t wear clothes to impress men, they wear clothes to impress other women. For my own sanity, I must think this high-waisted nonsense is a great example because they’re just so unattractive to me as a straight, woman-loving man.

Any guy that says he loves the style is one of two things: lying or gay.

I guess you should take this post not as a judgement of a trend that absolutely is evil and must be destroyed, but as a two-way discussion where even when the discussion is over I’ll still hate the high-waisted pants.

Men reading this, what are your thoughts? Women, please chime in with your thoughts, as well! While I most likely won’t be convinced that anyone looks good in these, I’m open to a discussion where it will end with me still hating the high-waisted pants.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

Since 2005, I've called Nashville home. I'm the leader of the pack, which includes an 13-year-old beagle and an 11-year-old blue heeler mix. My days include writing, video editing, and other fun activities. Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

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