The Music in the Galaxy s22 Ultra Commercial, and Why I Won’t Get An iPhone

Samsung put together a commercial with big-screen graphics, reminded me a lot of Transformers. Great work and a perfect song choice to boot! Here’s the ad, then scroll down for more info…

The Music. The song is “Fall Into Line” by SATV Music. It was released in 2019. Here’s the full track…

I’m all-in on Android, mostly because I tend to be a contrarian and shudder at the idea of caving to the iPhone crowd. But the truth is that there are so many great phones out there (including iPhones, ugh), so I just go with the one I like at the cheapest price (which pretty much rules out the iPhone and this s22, I’m sure). Plus, I never do what’s popular till years after. So maybe I’ll get an iPhone once they aren’t popular.

I’ll stick with my Motorola. It was inexpensive, does everything I want and probably more, and I didn’t feel so bad using scotch tape when the screen cracked.

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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