Luke Combs “The Kind Of Love We Make” Music Video Recap

Country star Luke Combs recently released a video for a song called, “The Kind of Love We Make,” and it’s already nearing the million-views mark on YouTube. I’ve written about Luke Combs music videos before (“Lovin’ On you” and “When It Rains It Pours”) so I thought this might be a fun one to recap. Here’s the video, then scroll down for my take on it…

Fire. Lots of fire. 🔥 For one thing, if these older folks aren’t aware of their curtain blazing behind them, that’s something that needs to be addressed by family and loved ones. Time for an assisted living situation, perhaps? And by “perhaps” I mean yes, it’s definitely time.

Another thought… if this imagery isn’t the quintessential image that sums up our current situation with Joe Biden, then I don’t know what is. If the United States were going up in smoke, Joe would be talking about the nice aroma.

I watched a YouTube video from popular country critic named Grady Smith. He was listing trends he dislikes in country music, and I was right there with him on most of it! Unfortunately, for Luke, this video/song is on the list for it’s line, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Luke’s performance portion of the video takes place in a firehouse (in Dickson, TN). That made a lot of sense, nice background with the firetrucks. Some people will like the twist at the end of the video but the twist, or creativity, I liked the most is Luke in the firehouse. In the storyline, the firemen take off on a call and they run right past Luke, completely interrupting his performance. It’s just a few seconds but the break in the music was a creative way to integrate the storyline with the music. Kudos to whoever decided to make that happen!

Did you enjoy the video? Comment below and thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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2 thoughts on “Luke Combs “The Kind Of Love We Make” Music Video Recap

  1. Ben, This is on a different topic. I don’t know if you have commented on it and I missed it, or you have not paid attention to the commercial. It is the Alexa with the couple at the prom in their teens and then in the present where
    he asks Alexa to play their favorite song, “Are the stars out tonight” or whatever the official name is.

    Have you noticed that at the prom he is about 5-6 inches taller than the girl, but as they aged she either got taller or he got shorter. It is quite a difference and should have been very obvious to whoever made the video but evidently it was not! That is a real oversight!! Or was it deliberate to see if people were paying attention…

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