Will I have to cancel my next camping trip??

What happens when you have to schedule some repair work for your RV or travel trailer? You might have to cancel or reschedule trips! That also means feeling bummed… which is past sad but not quite as far as devastated.

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That’s exactly what happened to me recently when I brought in my trailer for a slide-out repair. The idea of cancelling an upcoming trip was becoming more and more of a reality with every passing day. I mean, with the supply chain issues and yada, yada, yada, I was almost sure the trip was a bust. The story goes like this… I dropped off my trailer at a repair shop one day, a shop that shall go unnamed, and even though I had an appointment, it basically sat in their lot for two weeks! TWO WEEKS!!!

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They hadn’t even looked at it for 10 business days. So yeah, I was 62% upset and 79% disappointed. But then I found another repair shop, that shall be named (Southern RV Repair in Quincy, FL), that just felt right so I took a chance. Could my upcoming trip still happen??

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On the same day I picked up the trailer from shop #1, I dropped it off at shop #2, fingers crossed the work could be done in time for me to still go on the planned adventure. To spoil the story, I’ll just say it this way… Southern RV Repair is now shop #1 and that other shop isn’t even on my list anymore. Advice to anyone in this situation is very simple.

1. Pray

2. Find a reliable tech

Because of the miracle workers at Southern RV, I won’t have to cancel my trip after all!

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This is huge news because the next multi-day availability at this park was waaaayyyy into 2023. Sad day, right? But it’s NOT a sad day because I kept my reservation and now I’m pumped… which is past happy and teetering on the outskirts of cloud 9. 

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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