A dude walks into a sorority…

I know the title of this post sounds like the beginning of a joke. Actually, you might laugh (or cringe) about what happened recently at the University of Alabama. There IS a guy. There IS a sorority. But it’s not a joke. This guy roll tided his way into rush week trying to become the first sister with a ding dong. His name is Grant and his TikTok updates, and the story in general, are like the joke and punchline all rolled into one neat little package (pardon the pun).

If Saturday Night Live doesn’t (or have they already?) turn this into a sketch, that’d be a shame. But in Grant’s defense he seems like a nice person AND he does his own make-up. When every sorority said no, his mascara didn’t run. Kudos dude-o. Neither did he bash them or go on some sort of tirade about trans rights or, wait… is he even trans? I mean, he still goes by his guy name. It’s all a little confusing and as much as I don’t like the University of Alabama (where he she they Grant attends), the sororities made a good call on this one. I’m sure they came up with a politically correct reason to say (oh, hell no) but deep down in your spirit, in my spirit, in every woman’s spirit, and in Grant’s spirit, we all know it’s BECAUSE HE’S A GUUUYYYYYY.

It’s a crazy, warped world we live in when a guy, and not just to be funny, tries to join a sorority. But what do we expect, honestly, when the “truth” has been redefined as “whatever you think it is.” Everyone’s got their own truth so of course a guy’s going to dress up in a Lululemon skirt and participate in sorority rush week. And of course the in-store display from OREO is going to have gay stuff plastered all over it. I was in Walmart the other day and did a double take when I saw the end cap thing full of OREO cookie packages with phrases about “being an ally.” Must’ve been leftover from gay pride week, I guess? But yeah, when I’m buying snacks, I definitely care about where the snack company stands on marriage equality. OREO has a gay commercial, too, and it’s a doozy. It’s a little less nauseating than “Grant the almost sorority guy,” but still seems like the punchline to a joke no one’s asked yet. 

Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness


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