A crimson flood, huh? A story of bad song lyrics.

You might hear the word “crimson” and think of the Alabama Crimson Tide, especially during college football season. But what the title of this post is referring to is not about football at all. It’s a phrase used in a Sunday church worship song. The lyrics in part go like this…

My life is hidden ‘neath Heaven’s shadow
Your crimson flood covers me

I hadn’t heard the song before so obviously the lyrics were all new to me. While the idea of a sacrifice is central to Christianity, something about “crimson flood” irritated me. Crimson is referring to Jesus’ blood so for one thing, if there was an ACTUAL flood of blood, that would be rather grotesque and by “rather” I mean very, very gross. Just the imagery alone was enough to move this song to the bottom of any list it could possibly be on. Covers me is a great metaphor, a descriptive way of explaining what Jesus did for us on the cross. That leaves the word in the middle… flood. Ain’t nobody gonna get on board with a big ol’ puddle of blood, much less a flood. Just imagine if the lyrics said, “Hundreds of gallons of blood cover me,” it’s the stuff horror movies are made of. I guess in that regard “crimson” is way less morbid.

Then my mind jumped to a delivery I made as a Postmates driver. The customer needed some feminine hygiene products from a nearby drug store so I picked them up. But it wasn’t just the regular tampons. She needed the ones for “heavy flow.” Naturally, she sent a note for me to leave them by her door. Poor woman must’ve been dealing with a crimson flood of her own.

High Five Nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Find & Share on GIPHY

Speaking of all things water (but not flood), here are a few of my best water photos, and these are all available for download/purchase along with my entire portfolio of photos.

Something smells fishy.

Sunset sail.

Black and Lighthouse.

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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