I’ve always wanted a paper shredder

Do you still get bills in the mail? Like, they’re printed on actual paper? If so, I can relate! And if you’re like me, you don’t want to just throw them in the trash for someone to find later and steal your account numbers. It’s not like anyone would ever want to see my water bill but hey, it’s about personal privacy.

And there’s something gratifying about shredding paper into tiny, unidentifiable pieces.

This might be surprising to you: I’ve seen quite a few shredders at estate sales over the years. Haven’t bought one yet. I guess I’m waiting for “the one.” She’ll be beautiful, helpful, and color doesn’t matter. Which actually describes quite a few things I’ve got my eye out for 🙂

But about those bills. Well, let’s just say they end up in a fiery blaze on cold fall nights.

-Out of the Wilderness