Is Superstore a super hit?

I keep seeing commercials for the NBC show Superstore. My impression is the show isn’t very good. Does anyone reading this watch the show? The season premiere airs in a week or so, and it’s an Olympic-themed episode. The Olympics ended about a month ago. So I’m guessing they shot the episode during the Olympics and thought, “Perfect timing!” But then, oh yeah, it’s not airing during the Olympics. Seems like a glaring error to me on the part of the producers/writers, etc. maxresdefault
But in a more broad sense, it just doesn’t make me laugh. The setup reminds me of the office; a bunch of employees who work in a setting where stuff goes wrong, with a boss that is not qualified to have that position. Only thing is Steve Carrell as Michael Scott nailed it, and I’m not  sure Superstore matches up with that level of humor… at least pre-Michael-Scott-leaving-The-Office.

So do you think the show will make it, or will it suffer the same fate as shows like The Muppets, Extant, and Undateable? Feel free to chime in below!