Professionally Active

As a student growing up in the American educational system, we are taught how to face the “real world.” We learn how to add, subtract, spell words, write words, interact with peers and authorities, and how to be successful. Most of the success we experience is due to reactive behavior. The teacher asks the student to do something, the student does it, the student is rewarded if what he did was good. The pattern of being told what to do, doing it, and being judged on what was done begins in pre-school and continues through college. Likewise, though, the teachers are doing the same thing. They are told what to teach and they do it. To say this reactive behavior is ingrained in us (as educated Americans) is an obvious observation. Is it surprising, then, that employers look for proactive behavior when hiring? Yes. But perhaps the most successful people are the ones that balance the reactive and the proactive. They reactively recreate what has already been established. Then they proactively implement that into mainstream currency. The well-balanced person is Professionally Active. They recreate. They procreate.


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