You Make Me Want To Be A Mom

You were the one He was waiting for.
An adventurous person,
content to follow His urging to become a mother of four.

From Key West to Key West,
miles and years between.
Shannon, Erin, Nathan and I know you’re the best,
the best Mom we’ve ever seen.

When I think about trust, faith, and living free,
shelter, confidence and Grace,
there is in my heart a restricted place
for the one that showed these things to me.

I love being an uncle, I love being a brother.
But most of all, I love that you’re my mother.

It’s unfair, only we can call you that.
But what a thrill, what a thrill!! to be your son.
You’ve set our lives on an amazing track
and the adventure isn’t done.

I can love sports and love my dog.
I can love the Lord and love my job.
I can love Tennessee and love beaches.
I suppose there’s no limit to where love reaches.

But of all that’s in my heart;
like passion, hope, truth and fire,
there will always be a place set apart
for the adventurer, teacher, the one that makes me want to be a mom,
Terry Davis Wilder.

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you!

August 1981 (from left to right: Mom, Erin, Shannon, Nathan, Ben)


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