Christmas Vacation

I thought I could make it well into my 2-week Christmas vacation before cabin fever set in, but yesterday I had to get out of the house and today… is day 2. Yesterday I went out for a few more Christmas gifts. Asking the CVS/Pharmacy cashier, “Hi, where are the Chia Pets?” was both a high and low point for the day, but I came home with a few gifts (no Chia Pet because they weren’t on aisle 7) and a fantastic little iron from Thriftsmart.What can I say? Sometimes good things happen to good people. I finished day 1 with my funny friends Shawn and Gus. Btw, you can also appreciate their humor and clever wit, all while following along with a dramatic police investigation. Catch all new episodes of Psych in January.

Day 2. Today I woke up with the best intentions. I had a mental list of all I wanted to accomplish but you know what they say, “Wake up with good intentions and you might as well be a dog barking in the back of an old pick-up truck.” Boy, when they’re right, they’re right. I was able to do a ‘first’ today, though. I’ve lived in my house for over 2 years, and today, I put up a picture. You know what they say, “A house ain’t a home till you put up a picture.” The walls were as bare as a naked bum, but now, there’s this:

The Lost by Phillip M. Turner

I also went to Aquatic Critter, known for their wide assortment of freshwater fish, saltwater fish and reptiles.

From L to R: Spike Wilder, Daisy Wilder, Breck Wilder, Tiger Wilder, Torpedo Wilder, Roger Wilder

Merry Christmas everyone.


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