There’s Nothing Logical About My Biological Clock


Feeling kind of sluggish after returning from Vegas a few days ago. I can’t pinpoint anything specific that’s causing this down-and-out mood. My dogs greeted me with yelps and wagging tails as I arrived home from the airport (which was flattering). I caught up on the latest episodes of Duck Dynasty (which were hilarious). Even took an early evening nap (which was heavenly). Plus, that was after a typical dinner of Past Sides fettuccini alfredo. Maybe it’s the time change that’s affecting my biological clock? We went from Central to Pacific to Daylight Savings back to Central. Wait, do I even have a biological clock? I don’t do a lot of logical things, so honestly, I’d be surprised if my bio wanted any part of logical. This sure better not be the start of a midlife crisis but it can’t be a quarter life crisis, can it??

…maybe I just need Pepto-Bismol.
-Out of the Wilderness


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