Write or Wrong: A Story About My Family

My brother and sister-in-law are not writers by profession, but they are both published and soon-to-be published authors. You can find my brother’s book on Amazon: EQUIP: Building Student Leaders. Multiplying Disciples which is super cool.


That’s how the world will know my family is amazing. What the world hasn’t seen is what I present to you today; the email chain including the first one that revealed my sister-in-law (a teacher) was about to publish her first book. Read on!

Email 1:

Years ago, I wrote a children’s book for a class. I was so proud of that sucker, and it even made it in the glass display case in the TE building! Anyway, a couple of years ago, I wrote another children’s book. Well, after much pushing from my sweet, hyper, driven, glass is half full husband, I secretly turned in the manuscript/application to Liberty University Press. Surprisingly, I guess they liked it b/c I received the letter of acceptance for my book! Yea! God is good!!!


Sounds like you’re doing the write thing! Get it?

Write on!!!

Write to Life!!!

Write back at ya!

I will be with you “write” away!

Amber proves again that God’s mission for our lives is “write” around the corner!!

You got that “write”!


I think Jeff Gordon will win on Sunday at 12:30.

Go Jeff Gordon!

Jeff Gordon never makes a write turn…

Jeff is the write winner!

Oh yeah, if that’s not enough proof, there’s also these clips:


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