Right to Life vs. Pro-Choice… a personal discovery about abortion

The discussion of a baby’s right to life vs. a woman’s choice seems to be a hot topic again in the Unites States. I don’t think the controversy ever totally disappeared but since the election of Donald Trump, the issue has bubbled up again as tempers (and patience) are short these days. I know whereContinue reading “Right to Life vs. Pro-Choice… a personal discovery about abortion”

Yes, I voted for Trump

…and I’d do it again. Wait… wait… I will do it again! 2020 is right around the corner and as the political scene comes more into focus with a nominee for the Democrat party, I’m reminded of how weird it is to be a conservative in the U.S. nowadays. In fact, I’ll throw this outContinue reading “Yes, I voted for Trump”

Write or Wrong: A Story About My Family

My brother and sister-in-law are not writers by profession, but they are both published and soon-to-be published authors. You can find my brother’s book on Amazon: EQUIP: Building Student Leaders. Multiplying Disciples which is super cool. That’s how the world will know my family is amazing. What the world hasn’t seen is what I present to youContinue reading “Write or Wrong: A Story About My Family”