My word of the year, 2020

IMG_20200108_213324 copyI rarely pick just one word to be my theme for any given year, but 2020’s word just kind of happened. It all began around Christmastime last year and as the pot stirred, this word bubbled up to the top. I’m hoping it relates to my life in a few ways… work, relationships, and any other way I can’t even foresee right now.


Hoping and praying and begging and anticipating and living and loving and enjoying and remembering and putting all my eggs in this basket for 2020. Here’s to a great year of BREAKTHROUGH for me, for you, for your family, for my family, your friends, my friends, your enemies, my enemies, those we love and those we can barely tolerate… may it be a year of breakthrough in our relationships with each other, with the Lord, and with ourselves!

-Out of the Wilderness

Yes, I voted for Trump

…and I’d do it again. Wait… wait… I will do it again! 2020 is right around the corner and as the political scene comes more into focus with a nominee for the Democrat party, I’m reminded of how weird it is to be a conservative in the U.S. nowadays.

In fact, I’ll throw this out there: it’s more acceptable to come out as gay than it is to come out as conservative. If you don’t believe me, think about the last time you heard of anyone who’s gay getting harassed or roasted or slammed in the media? Now think about the last time a conservative was harassed or roasted or slammed? Let’s see, how about last night on every single late night talk show?

It’s crazy that there are times in conversations I’ve had where I hesitated to say something about being conservative, voting for Trump, or supporting anything like right to life, guns, the border wall, etc.

Crazy times!

But while I would be considered a conservative by public opinion, I like to think of myself as a preservative. I want to preserve the country the way it was meant to be. Every single person has the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I see one side of the aisle trying to stick to this, and the other side trying to change it.

Maybe one day it won’t be such a social risk to admit we care about “conservative values,” but for now our most vocal citizens are pushing for the advancement of “progressive values”… which is a glaringly obvious oxymoron, anyway.

-Out of the Wilderness