He Blew Me Off

It’s a moment I won’t forget for a long time. You see, my neighbor and I have had a good relationship for the few years I’ve lived in my house. He and his wife are usually kind to me, and they love seeing my dogs. These neighbors will often walk up to the fence and chat with me about the neighborhood, the dogs, the weather, or pretty much anything else on our minds at the time. But a few days ago, the guy blew me off! I didn’t see it coming. Actually that’s not completely true. I didn’t see it coming until just before it happened.

He and I love working in our yards. He loves it more than I do, actually, so when I start to mow my yard and he’s anywhere within earshot, he’ll ask if I want him to mow or if I want to use his “zero turn” John Deere. It’s totally unfair john deerebut I’ll use my push mower to cut his ditch. He’s on a corner lot so there’s quite a bit of ditch, but it’s still very unfair in my favor. So on this particular day, after my yard was finished, I took my mower out to his ditch. It was a windy afternoon so as I mowed, all the grass blew right back in my face. I was covered in green pretty much from my head down to the inside of my boots. Of course it happens on the one day I mow with shorts on! I finished mowing and as I walked the mower past my neighbor’s drive way, he had me stand there for a second. He used his leaf blower to hose me down. Hose me down with air. It was the kindest thing. And we both laughed.

I love having good neighbors.

-Out of the Wilderness


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