I Could Be A Turkey, So I Guess I Can’t Complain

During Thanksgiving weekend, take time to ponder all the things you’re grateful for. Enjoy leftovers. Watch football. And hey, have some compassion for the relatives in your family who aren’t married!

It’s true that being single is worst around the holidays, and more specifically when you’re with family. But it doesn’t have anything to do with being lonely. This weekend I’m with my sisters, brother-in-law, 4 nieces and my parents, plus 4 dogs. So there’s definitely no down time. In fact, I’m surprised there was even time for this post! Actually, I’m not. Sleeping on the couch, I’m never the first one awake, but I’m always the second. This morning I swear my dad was in the kitchen nearby crinkling paper for no reason at all. I And I guess he thought it was a good time to bang pots and pans together like it’s new year’s eve. So I stayed on the couch hoping to God I could fall back asleep.

I suppose marriage would earn me a spot in one of the coveted bedrooms. You should see ’em: mattresses, real sheets, no crinkling paper at 7:00am. In fact, it may be worth exchanging vows just to sleep in on holiday mornings.

Gobble, Gobble!
-Out of the Wilderness

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