Frozen: Movie Review

Disney recently released a movie called Frozen and I guess I should start by saying I haven’t actually seen the movie per se. And by “per se,” I mean I haven’t seen it at all. But I have 4 nieces under the age of 12 and they watched the film a few days ago. So here’s a quick synopsis.

Snowman: funniest character in the movie.

Memorable line: the snowman loves the summer. He sings a rhyming song about how, in the winter he likes to cuddle, and in the summer he’ll be a… happy snowman.

Final Thought: The movie is a must-see because my nieces want to see it again… and so does my brother-in-law.

Aren’t you happy this whole post wasn’t a spoiler? You’re welcome.

frozen movie

2 thoughts on “Frozen: Movie Review

  1. The type of animated movie that appeals to both kids, as well as adults. However, gets the job done in entertaining everybody, in the right way. Good review.

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