10 Days of Top 10 Posts: #8

So how in the world are we supposed to really know if the person we like,  likes us back? Well, we could always ask the person. But that comes with a heavy dose of potential embarrassment, so another way to find out is to look at the signs. It’ll take more effort on your part, but you will side-step a majority of the scenarios that leave you embarrassed in front of this person.

#8 Post of the Year: 10 Ways To Find Out If He Likes You

More about the post: This post was originally made public back in October 2011 but continues to be a fan favorite. I’d like to think it’s because of my originality, wit, and magnetic charm that comes through in my writing, but I know it’s because people all over the world simply want answers. And when you don’t get all the answers you want, you say “We want more! We want more!” You know, like that girl from the Sprint commercial? Not the one that says “Kindergarten?”… the other one.

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