My Speech at the National Milk Association

“I woke up in the nick of time. Had I slept any later, I would’ve had to speak at the National Milk Association Convention. It’s an event I like to attend, but as a fan, not a speaker.”

Waking up from a dream, the above quote is what I jotted down to remember all that was in my head. Now if you thought THAT dream was strange, imagine my surprise later that day when I got an email from the NMA asking to be the keynote speaker at this year’s annual gala! OK, totally not true. Turns out there isn’t such thing as the National Milk Association so even if I wanted to speak there, I couldn’t. Plus, how does sleeping late add up to being a speaker at the convention? Needless to say, my dream left me with more questions than answers. Was it an extension of my public speaking fears? My love of milk? Do I have a fear of sleeping late and missing important events? Does it have anything to do with the book I’m reading, written by professional speaker Jon Acuff?

I’ll consider all it’s meanings as I drink a glass of cold skim milk. Yum.


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