10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #8

Let’s say you do get her digits. I know, we’re speaking hypothetically because if you’re like me, asking a girl for her phone number is rare. But let’s move past that because you’re the champ who got her number, all 10 of ’em! Conversations start out light and fun through texting. But as feelings get stronger, you realize:

#8 You Start Conversations and She Ends Them.

Not good, champ. Not good. This type of scenario happened to me when I asked a girl for her number. And let me just say, that was the best estate sale I’ve ever been to. Not only was she cute, she was a lot younger than the stuff being sold (in a related note: you can find some of that stuff on my Etsy site). So we texted a lot the first few days. We even met up for lunch once. But as the weeks went by, I noticed a trend. I started almost every conversation. Maybe she’s old-fashioned but I bet even old-fashioned girls mailed a letter to a guy without being prompted every once in a while. I know being the initiator of conversations isn’t a bad thing. It’s flattering, I’m sure, for a girl to be pursued this way. But if you take a slightly different angle, the picture is more clear. Here’s what I mean. It’s the back end of conversations that holds the clues. If the person who ends it is never the person to start the next one, that’s a sign. Take a look below:

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