10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #7

A lot can be said about a woman’s intuition. Well guess what laaaaadies? We have intuition, too! Bam. Got her. Seriously, we do. It takes longer to develop, sure. To the junior high guy, intuition is just a word from last year’s spelling bee. College, we begin to understand dating advice from our fathers because it matches up with our budding intuition. Our development is a bit slower, but it’s there. So guys, when you happen upon a coed that strikes your fancy, listen when…

#7 Your gut tells you to move on.

raftIt comes down to trust. Especially if you’ve already started pursuing her. If your gut is telling you she’s not interested, trust it. You’re probably not wrong. Granted, the river banks directing the path of your intuition are formed by how she responds to you and your advances, it’s still up to you to float. Keep your head above water by knowing where the boundaries are, and act accordingly. Plus, if you go against your intuition, you run the risk of capsizing your boat. And your boat in this scenario is any chance you have of dating her friends.

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