10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #6

I learned this sign the hard way. It was back when I was on Match.com. I was emailing back and forth with a potential and we decided to go on a date. Great! Our first date had all the elements of being successful. A beautiful night in Nashville and tickets to a Ben Rector show. But guys, take note of this…

#6 when you hang out, she appears to be unhappy.

I have a fault and it’s this: I immediately decide whether a relationship’s going to work in the first few minutes. So the moment she parked in my driveway and we met, I heard a game show buzzer and saw a big red X hovering over her head. Not good. But hey, maybe this was the beginning of a good friendship. Plus, we’re going to a good show in Nashville. And if it wasn’t for her sour attitude… the. whole. night. it would have been a great show! I guess I had a big red X over my head, too. But that’s not a good excuse for asking to leave early. Sorry, Ben Rector. We never spoke again and I think it’s safe to say I’ll never see her in a white dress.

One thought on “10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #6

  1. Yeah who acts like that on a first date? Thats like putting a huge sign over your head that says “3 years in….you’re gonna hate me”

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