10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #5

If you haven’t been to Nashville before, consider this your invitation. Live music pretty much anytime of the day- from rock to country to bluegrass to classical, the city has it all. There’s a zoo, not to mention a couple of professional sports teams (go Preds)! And downtown Nashville was also the site of this year’s annual company Christmas party. christmas partyI brought a buddy along with me and we sure had a good time. He met a lot of my work friends and a lot of my work friends’ friends. There was one friend of a friend in particular that latched on to him pretty early in the night. She was a cute brunette, dressed well, with a smile that seemed quite genuine. However, let me set the record straight: though I’m being very complimentary, I was not taking interest in her. But if you’re ever in a situation like this and you are interested, you’ll be heartbroken when…

#6 The next day she asks about your friend.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I got a text from my friend asking if the guy I brought was single. So let’s act as if I was interested in the girl. This text would have been devastating to receive, right? I would’ve had to consult The Bro Code for advice on how to handle it, but I’m 99% sure it’s always “bros before hoes.” Translated that means, the friendship you have with your guy friend is more important than making out. Although in my case, it often meant: girls you like are going to like your brother more than you. Ouch! But his face is more symmetric than mine, so I get it.

Getting back to the main point, and it’s pretty obvious: if the girl you like is showing more interest in someone else, move on. This sign is in the same arena as “Trusting Your Intuition” because often times you’ll get a vibe if she’s digging someone else.

But anyway, like I said earlier, go Preds!
-Out of the Wilderness

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