10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #4

#4 She leaves hints hoping you’ll pick them up.

And these aren’t the good kinds of hints, fellas. Like when you ask if they have plans for the weekend, and they do. Like, down to the minute. You can be sure that if she had any interest in dating you, she wouldn’t have just rattled off how busy sherlock holmesshe is for the next few days… or weeks… or years. Other hints: you mention your passion for bowling. She mentions her hatred. She talks about her latest love interests… who aren’t you. She uses the word ‘boyfriend’ with the words ‘I’ and ‘have’ and ‘a’ in front of it. OK, that one’s not so subtle.

In a nutshell: Put on your Sherlock Holmes cap and investigate. Her hints are the window to her feelings. So before you rush into a house and trip all kinds of alarms, wipe your feet on the doormat. Take a breath. And peer in the window. Metaphorically, of course. A restraining order will do you no good.

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