10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #2

Every summer the guys in my family go fishing 20 miles into the Gulf of Mexico [fishing video opens in a new window here!]. It can be a lot of fun, especially when the bite is on. And we always know the bite is on when we hear my dad say, “Talk to me, sweet lips!” as he reels one in. But even if you haven’t been out that far, or have never heard my dad talk to fish, the mechanics are just about the same wherever you are; you need bait, a hook, and patience. Sidenote: calling the fish “sweet lips” isn’t required, but you get bonus points, for sure.

Fish are smart, though. They will do whatever it takes to avoid getting caught. It’s not that much different with girls. They’re smart. They can see when…

#2 It’s just a game to you.

You see, dating is a lot like fishing. We’re all trying to lure in potential datees with how we dress, the cologne or perfume we use, etc.But if a girl (or guy, I suppose) can tell you’re just in it for the chase, then like the fish that just got your bait, she gone. You won’t have sweet lips talking to you any time soon!

-Out of the Wilderness

(fishing is the second half of this video)

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