10 Signs She’s Not Into You… #1

First and foremost, any of these signs could hold more importance than the other, just depends on your situation. This last sign is tricky, because a lot of times girls will offer to pay for themselves simply as a gesture of kindness.

#1 She doesn’t let you pay for her.

They really want you to pay for them because that means it’s a date. However, if she insists on paying for herself, it might be time to yippy kiyiyay move along, little dogey. At least you got one date with her. Reminds me of the date I had at Which Wich. The one-date wonder, as I call her. I can’t remember who paid for who, but I never saw her again. Some would say the failure was when I thought a first date to Which Wich was a good idea. Others would agree.

And finally, thanks for reading! The list of 10 was in random order. There’s nothing that says your gut feeling is less important than her asking about your friend. But there had to be a #10 and there had to be a #1. If the order of this list bothers you, as my favorite girl on the cancelled show Kid Nation would say, “deal with it!”

-Out of the Wilderness

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