A Gold Medal and Lunch with the Governor!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine earning a gold medal during the 2014 Olympics. In fact, earning any kind of recognition at all wasn’t on my radar. But yesterday, among a select few, I bowed to accept a medal around my neck.
cupidschase6cupidschase7OK, it’s not an Olympic gold medal per se. But 1st place in my division came with perks. Namely, a medal that’s gold in color. I was speechless. Mostly because the woman who was speaking didn’t offer me the mic. The Cupid’s Chase 5k was a fun race even though Nashville weather is the true definition of bipolar. Snowing when the gun went off and sunny at the finish line.

The following afternoon I joined the Governor of Tennesseee for brunch at Cracker Barrel. OK, it wasn’t brunch with the Governor per se. But I was eating at the same time he was eating which means my Mama’s Pancake Breakfast came from the same kitchen as his meal. So that obviously makes us best friends. I would’ve showed him my gold medal but I didn’t want to hurt our friendship. To say this was a good weekend would be politically incorrect. It was a landmark weekend!
Governor Bill Haslam

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