Thank God for Women, But I Need an Office

Today I took a short Christmas break (about 2 and a half minutes or so) when I listened to Group1Crew’s version of:

…partly to drowned out the chatter around my desk! Nothing against women, but all the people in my row are female! I can only take so much talk about current hair color, new carpet, Frozen coming out on DVD soon, and/or what food they’re not eating today. I need an office.

This song is just fun. It was severely underplayed on the radio last December but I’m hoping that changes for the upcoming Christmas season! By the way, there’s only 294 days till Santa drops down the chimney which means stores will start advertising Christmas goodies in, oh I don’t know, this weekend? You know what would make a good stocking stuffer? Frozen. This is one of the best versions of “Holly Jolly Christmas.” I particularly dig the little robotic voice that says “Merry Christmas. Me- Me- Merry Christmas.” I think it’s awesome and you know what else is awesome? Frozen‘s on DVD March 18th! I’m soooooo exxciiiitttted! *Dances away from computer singing “Let it goooo, let it goooo…”Frozen_castposter-Out of the Wilderness

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