Squirrel- it’s what’s for dinner!

Rocks fly. Dust rises like an early morning prayer. The chase is on. Squirrels on high alert rest easy realizing it’s just a frisbee Asia’s chasing. Clutching it with surprising strength, she clasps the toy in her mouth and returns for either 1. an epic tug-o-war or, 2. another toss.

Of course, if squirrels do have the courage to tread where dogs may roam, it could be to their own peril. Then it won’t just be dust rising like an early morning prayer, it’ll be cute little squirrel prayers. “Dear God, I know you brought me into this world, but please don’t let these dogs take me out!” Do they remember what happened to old man Charlie squirrel when he went out for some acorns? Details are a bit fuzzy but the facts are this: Homeowner came home to find a mutilated squirrel in the yard, and neither Asia or her sister Piper had a good alibi. An educated guess is that Blue Eyes Rising (Asia’s Native American name) chased it down and Little Big Ear (Piper) did the dirty work.

Piper: Uhhh, Asia you look like a donkey.

Perhaps they heard the legend of the rabbit babies that had to escape their rabbit home before they became Piper’s afternoon snack? That’s not folklore, folks. The dogs’ owner found one remaining baby bunny huddled against the brick of the house. Typically what happens inside the gates stays inside the gates, but you know the neighborhood… talk is cheap when the story is good. So these little animals take it on the run when these four-legged freaks are out. “Get to the speedwagon! The ladies are runnin’ wild!” is what they probably say. But it’s actually just Asia chasing that frisbee mentioned earlier, and Piper trotting to the fence for a pat on the head from neighbor Joyce.

So squirrels and rabbits of East Ridge, if you’re reading this, Piper and Asia want to be your friends. So come by and be their dinn– errr, friend– some time!

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