Top 5 Kenny Chesney Music Videos

Kenny Chesney’s come a long way since this:
kennychesneyAlthough one could argue that mullets (no, that’s not a shadow you see, it’s a mullet) were once considered cool. Just like rat tails and fanny packs, one of which I still wear today. I’ll let you guess.

rat tail haircut
rat tail haircut.

Hint: it rhymes with shmanny shmack, but I digress. This is not about me or the convenience of having a 5th pocket! It’s about the best Kenny Chesney music videos in all the land. So before I reveal too much about how cool I was in junior high, or how rico suave I am now, here are Kenny’s Top 5 music videos.

Video 5: Come Over. For me the song might forever be ruined by the parody “Comb Over,” but just looking at the video itself, it’s amazing. Shot in Miami with a boat that I drool over, Kenny Chesney steers the vessel to a seaside residence and well, you can probably guess what happens in Miami late at night with a scantily clad woman. But all I can think about is that boat.

Video 4: The Boys of Fall. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with football in all it’s forms (college, NFL, fantasy), but this video makes me want to throw the pigskin clear over those mountains right there. I love that he includes clips of Dan Marino (the Dolphins were my team when I was growing up) and Neon Deion Sanders (a favorite Seminole). From top to bottom, this is a good one. Just don’t go to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville too often, you’ll get sick of the song/video on repeat. all. day.

Video 3: I Go Back. If the first 45 seconds don’t suck you right in, then you’re a yankee! Down here in the south, it’s football, family, and faith… sometimes in that order. From the way the audio clips are weaved creating a sense of nostalgia to the crisp, engaging style of edit, this is a great video.

Video 2: Who You’d Be Today. This one hits the heart. Mostly because I’m a softy (yes, one of my favorite movies is The Notebook). This video reminds me how much I love my family and friends, and if it doesn’t do the same for you, then you’re a yankee!

Video 1: There’s no question this is the best video of all time. When martians are digging around the rubble of downtown Nashville in the year 2538, I hope they find a VHS copy of this video and feel really bad about destroying our earth! The video is like a “salt life” sticker for your eyes. Actually, salt life stickers are for your eyes, but let’s say those stickers are a book mark and this video is the novel… all about why we love falling in love, why we love the beach, and how those two sometimes go hand in hand.

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