Coming out

A friend of mine (let’s call him T) and I were talking the other day. It was a pretty tame conversation by all accounts. In fact, some may think chatting about cryptocurrency is about the most boring thing you could ever talk about, but it fascinates both of us. We covered topics like Bitcoin, mining, government involvement, and the possible future of digital currencies. T mentioned that there are already thousands of different currencies and that coders are coming out with new coins every day.

His phone then lights up to interrupt our conversation:

OK, OK! We get it! T hit the button to stop the explanation and we both had a good laugh. From everything he said, his phone picked up on “coming out” hahaha!

Have you ever had something like that happen? Where you’re talking and out of nowhere your phone chimes in something embarrassing or inappropriate? Feel free to share your phone fail in the comments below!


-Out of the Wilderness

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