First drafts of iconic movie lines that got revised before their big screen debut

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Most of us have a favorite line or two from movies we’ve seen. Somehow these iconic moments get etched into our minds and even become part of society in ways no one ever saw coming. I’m thinking of “Show me the money!” from Jerry Maguire, “I’ll be back” from Terminator, and “Alrighty then!” from Ace Ventura. You see, I bet I didn’t even need to list the movie those came from because you already knew, didn’t you?

Well, what if I said these lines were not exactly how the very first script looked for each of these movies? Maybe the Jerry Maguire one was more like, “I need you to display the ability to help me financially so I can take care of myself and my family!” Not quite as memorable. So after many revisions, they get to the heart of what they want the character to say; what they want us as the audience to feel. They found the gold!

So with that in mind, I’ve taken a bit of a leap in guessing what the first script would have looked like for a few iconic movie lines. You will definitely know the movies and the iconic quotes, but here’s your challenge today: based on the scripts below, can you guess the line or the movie they’re from? Just have some fun and please know this is not how these movies came together. I just thought it would be fun to rewrite the lines in a less memorable way than they actually were delivered on the big screen 🙂

[Click here for the answers]

Can you name what iconic quote these scripts refer to, and the movie they’re from?

Movie #1
“The vessel we’re on doesn’t seem to be the best size for what’s happening in the ocean around us at the moment. Now in my experience, we’d have a more favorable circumstance if we sought out a watercraft that wasn’t as small as this one.”

Movie #2

“I’ll nevvverrrr let you go. You’re special and I adores you. My favorite jewelry for always.”

Movie #3

“The people recently cast their votes and after they were all counted, it appears the majority of voters have made me ruler of all the nations!”

Movie #4

“Talk about great BOGO discounts! As a successful salesman, I know what this guy needs and when I show him the deal he could get, he won’t be able to say no.”

Movie #5

“How dare you let anyone sit in that chair that’s tucked away where no one can see them. You can’t hide her talent forever so I’m going to rescue her, then dance with her in a racy slash unclean way, and you WILL sit there and watch us.”

Movie #6

Please accept my apologies. I planned on being here early but traffic was terrible and I basically hit every red light! Deep down I knew I wanted to be with you but I’m a stubborn man who couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I’m late, but better late than never, right? Now plant one on me!”

Movie #7

“Quiet down for a second. Hold that thought because as soon as you walked in I decided, ‘Yes. Whatever he says, yes.’ It’s fine you interrupted my women’s club meeting. We were talking about you, anyway. I’m just glad my husband is home.”

There you have it! Can you guess which movies these completely made-up first drafts are from? Make your guesses in the comments below and I’ll have the answers tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

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