Jack Brewer’s powerful message at the Republican National Convention, and why it matters…

“We are not as divided as our politics suggest.”

In a more eloquent way than I ever could, this message from Jack Brewer is a persuasive angle on why Donald Trump is a better choice for President. If you’re on the fence, I believe Mr. Brewer shows us the stark difference between the two choices, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Or to say it a different way: hope vs. change. Here are is a post about a few differences in the two candidates on some major issues. But now, let’s listen to Mr. Brewer lay it out plainly…

I loved every part of this speech and really quickly, I’d like to show you below what he said about the Black Lives Matter website. It’s absolutely true that the organization wants to disrupt the foundational idea of a family…

BLM website

Curiously, there is not one mention of fathers in their long list of things they care about. Interesting. In his message, Jack Brewer also said this, something his mom always said…

“When the Lord starts blessin’, the Devil starts messin’.”

Isn’t that the truth? What are your thoughts on his speech? Feel free to comment below!

-Out of the Wilderness

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