Airbnb commercial… the “Landslide” song, and more!

Airbnb had an ad slot during the hometown dates of The Bachelor: Matt James (not that I was watching… I was definitely watching) and it stopped me in my tracks. Was it the ad itself, or the music that was so emotional, not sure?

Who sings this haunting version of the “Landslide”? Her name is Robyn Sherwell, and here is her longer version of the Fleetwood Mac song…

This song was used in another iconic ad, this one from Budweiser airing during the Super Bowl a few years ago.

Back to the Airbnb ad… from their official YouTube page, here is their description of the folks appearing in the ad:

Photographer Cole set out for the New England coast for a weekend of surfing and llama spotting with his wife and two daughters – it was their first trip as a family of four. Superhosts François and Ashley (a father-daughter duo themselves) set the stage for a memorable stay at their cozy cottage in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The family then visited Host Rob’s seaside apartment in Provincetown, Massachusetts.


Cole Barash, the photographer referenced above, has a portfolio of photos he’s take as a professional on his website.

Does the Airbnb commercial tug your heartstrings as I’m sure they are hoping for? Chime in below! Also check out other TV ad research here. You will love it 🙂

You can find more from Robyn Sherwell by following her on Twitter and Instagram. Also, why not go over to her website?

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