My 3 favorite shows currently on broadcast TV

Last Man Standing – The only show where a conservative character pokes fun of liberals (instead of the other way around like every other sitcom, news, talk show), and it’s very clever, funny, and heartwarming. Tim Allen is great, and the cast is awesome, too. My only gripe would be the replacement of one of the characters in the last season or two. Tim Allen’s character Mike Baxter has a daughter named Mandy Baxter. She’s ditzy yet likable. She dated and married Kyle Anderson who is also flighty and likable. The actress who played Mandy for years was Molly Ephraim, but then was replaced by Molly McCook. McCook is a fine actress, but she doesn’t play the “dim-witted” character well. Anywho, check out this hilarious scene.

Hell’s Kitchen – Love this show, especially the current season (season 19). They are down to a 6 or 7 contestants and I have come to really like 2 or of them (Jordan and Mary Lou), more than I have in previous seasons. I know very little about cooking and preparing meals for large gatherings so that part is fascinating, and the harsh treatment from Gordon Ramsey is entertaining, but then he’ll have moments of tenderness which is refreshing.

Big Sky – This is definitely my top favorite. The plot is entertaining and has twists and turns that are hard to predict. The villains are evil, but have elements of humor, while the protagonists are strong and likable. The show debuted in late 2020 and the ratings were strong right off the bat before declining a bit. I hope the show continues but it’s up to me and people around the country to keep tuning in so it gets picked up for future seasons. Here is another post about the show I wrote a few months ago.

What are a few of your favorite shows currently on TV? Chime in below with your recommendations.

-Out of the Wilderness

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