Should you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Yes. Here’s why.

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Conventional wisdom says you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. In fact, according to this article, it’s science confirming we make worse choices in the aisles of the local market when we’re hungry versus shopping when we’re not hungry.

For decades I have disagreed with this and here’s why. Call it selfish, or dumb, but I think shopping when you’re hungry is the best idea because the next time you’re hungry at home, you’ve got the food you would wish to have. With that said, I don’t recommend shopping hungry on purpose necessarily. Our defenses may be weaker because of the hunger, causing us to buy more junk food than we should. So even if we’re hungry shopping, it would still be wise to shop smart. Think about being at home with a grumbling stomach. Would a bag of chips satisfy you more than, say, a bowl of cantaloupe slices? Definitely keep that in mind as you walk up and down the aisles of your favorite store.

Also, if you’re a foodie, this article supports the idea of shopping hungry. It’s a chance to experiment with new ingredients, and even save money. Win/win!

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I can confirm that on the days I went to Kroger as a hungry man, I was pleased later at home to have so many great choices for snacks and meals.

Final thoughts. It is still wise to be wise, but don’t think shopping while hungry is a no-no. In fact, it can be a great thing! Just don’t get carried away with food and packaging that look good to your eyes. And do pick up some avocados. Those are simply delicious.

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