Don’t be Janine – the latest Uber Eats commercial that flounders in its false messaging

Uber Eats has a new ad out (along with a slew of ads, including this one in which the message is a complete failure), and this new ad highlights the difficulty of the delivery driver finding the recipient of the order.

You guys, don’t be Janine.

Seriously. I have been delivering meals through Uber Eats for a long time (I really enjoy it, actually! Read more on that here) and I can tell you with 100% confidence and certainty that it is VERY frustrating when the customer doesn’t put simple instructions in the app. It should also be noted that from a customer’s perspective, your food will be a bit less fresh and take a little longer to get to you if you don’t help the driver know where to bring it.

Don’t be Janine.

All she had to do was add a short note, “Deliver to lifeguard stand” and voila, problem solved. Now Mr. Delivery Guy can move on to his next delivery which saves him time and helps him make more money.

I would mark this ad as another fail from Uber Eats. Tone deaf, throwing the driver under the bus, and NOT focusing on the little things that are important for a successful delivery, like adding info on where to deliver. OK, that’s not so little… IT’S VERY IMPORTANT!!

Don’t be Janine, folks.

Breaking down her order: a sports drink, a bag of chips, and a pack of gum, the driver most likely earned around $3 or $4 before tip. Let’s be generous and say $4. Instead of walking directly to Janine, the driver spends time trying to get the attention of the synchronized swimmers, climbs to the top of the highest dive platform, then has to climb down and walk all the way to Janine.

What will his profit be? So remember the $4 he made on the order? Well, Janine’s incompetence cost the driver time to make another delivery (we’ll value that around the same amount, $4), so all in all, this driver brought Janine her order for a net profit of $0. And that’s with you and I being conservative! The time wasted could’ve cost the driver a delivery where he might have made $6 or $8 or $10! In the $10 case, his net profit for the Janine order would be -$6.

I’ll say it again, don’t be Janine.

And Uber Eats, stop projecting false messages (like “go get it!” and overlooking the fact that this driver would be pissed at Janine).

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-Out of the Wilderness

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