Applebee’s Fancy New Commercial – The Music and More!

There I was again watching an episode of Bachelor in Paradise when a catchy song backed a commercial for Applebee’s. Check it out:

It’s a very TikTok-inspired visual going on with the ad but the song sets up the good vibes very well. What song is it, you may ask? Here it is… “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes.

Other brands mentioned are Wendy’s, Tesla, Natural Light, Skoal, Victoria’s Secret, Maybelline, and of course, Oreo.

Speaking of the double stuff delights, Applebee’s apparently brought back the Oreo Shake solely because of this song. I wouldn’t know because I’m not fancy* but how’s that for some influence?

*I once took a woman on a first date to Which Wich. She is now married to a guy who probably didn’t take her to a fast food restaurant on their first date.

My own dorky love life aside, this song DID go viral on TikTok, as displayed in the Applebee’s commercial. I have literally never done this dance even once, but it appears there is a specific dance for this Walker Hayes track. Here’s a compilation that will entertain you for 10 whole minutes.

For Walker Hayes’ take on the song going viral, check out his interview here. Hayes is a co-writer along with a few other country folks, and after it’s viral tour around the country, went to #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Do you like the song and, be honest, how many times have you done the dance?

-Out of the Wilderness

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