Lyrics and more from the Progressive / Addams Family TV commercial

Progressive and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer offer up a great example of integrated marketing (definition, paraphrased: one advertisement promotes two or more businesses/entities). Check it out below…

The lyrics. The clever lyrics to the tune of the original Addams Family theme song are as follows:

They’re nice but irritating, their excitement can get grating, they’re dressed for pastry baking, The Progressive family. They’re helpful but annoying, they always leave us snoring, accidents are boring with the Progressive family.

Annoying but endearing. The descriptive words in this ad, which would be hurtful and negative in a normal world, are badges of honor for Flo and the gang. Flo, Jamie, and the crew are attentive to details in all their ads, and while they’re often perceived as annoying, the truth is the ads are meant to make the characters likeable and funny. And funny, they are!

One of my recent favorites is… a “day off” at the lake.

The apron. Does anyone know why Flo often wears an apron? That little fact is referenced in the Addams family ad, “they’re dressed for pastry baking.” Quite odd, but it definitely ads to her character!

How do you feel about the integrated marketing ad with Progressive and the Addams Family? Chime in below and thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

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