Minari – A Movie Review Without Spoilers

Against what my body was telling me (which was, “go to sleep!”), I stayed up to watch Minari because my brother-in-law and niece were excited to watch it. Granted, it was only around 915pm but what can I say, I was being an tired old grinch. Also, though, I was still feeling the affects of Covid so sleep seemed like good medicine.

I said, “I’ll give it 10 minutes,” and if I was still interested I’d watch. I wasn’t pumped the movie was 116 minutes and I figured after 10 minutes I’d shuffle off to bed.

Well, dang it, we connected an actor (Steven Yeun, who I liked in “The Walking Dead”) to “The Walking Dead” and I felt myself get a little more invested in the movie.

Also right off the bat, the young actor who plays the son, David, was the most adorable kid. Just wait till you see him in his little cowboy boots.

Then the grandma shows up and I’ll just say this, between her and the young boy, you’ll be laughing and rooting them on for the rest of the movie. In other words, I stayed up for all 116 minutes, and that includes about 15 minutes of an internet outage delay. 😬

I recently read a YouTube comment about the film saying it’s a feel-good movie. I wouldn’t call it that; there is more heartache than there are heartstrings being pulled. But I’ll say this in regards to what I enjoyed, even with all the setbacks the family faced – I love the humor, the raw emotion (in some of the arguments), the natural dialogue (flowing in and out of Korean and English), and the way the actors seemed to be working off of a loose script. It all just seemed so genuine, as if it was a documentary of a real family vs. actors reciting memorized dialogue. You know when it just seems like there aren’t things you can script? I’m thinking of when the son is trying to peal the banana. It’s a great but quick scene.

So the most important question, is it worth watching? For the wonderful acting, yes. But if you’re looking for a movie that will cheer you up or one you don’t necessarily need to pay detailed attention to, this is not the one.

If you watch it, or have already seen it, leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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