Ferrero Rocher’s Valentine’s Commercial – The Music and the Shady Math

Hello there! If this is your first time to Out of the Wilderness, you can find much more of the random stuff I write about on the main page. Look at the upper right corner for all the different topics. One subject, of course, is TV commercials. Let’s take a look at this one from Ferrero Rocher.

The Music. The lovey-dovey soundtrack for this Valentine’s Day ad is “One in a Billion” by Shannon LaBrie.

Funny math. Something fishy is going on with this and a few other Ferrero Rocher YouTube uploads. The commercial above has 1.6 million views in just 4 days. Not too shabby, right? The thing is, though, there are only 5 likes and no comments. Whaaa?? The chances that over a million people watched it and not one person commented are very slim. On top of that, only 5 people liked it… out of 1.6 million views…?

Other weird math. Ferrero Rocher’s YouTube channel only has 2,000 subscribers. Again, that’s not bad, but you’d think a video that garners millions of views would compel a lot of people to subscribe. Let’s check back to previous videos. The one posted before the Valentine’s ad (the one we’ve been talking about) was posted 2.5 weeks prior. Here it is below, and guess how many views it has? Scroll down for the answer.

This video, posted nearly a month ago, has 317 views. To be clear, that’s 317, no thousands, no millions, just a few hundred. It also has 5 likes. Just for fun, let’s go back a little further. A few videos back is wildly different in its statistics. It has 8.7 million views, no comments, and 2 likes. Another suspicious aspect: this multi-million viewed video is just the 15-second version of the video that has 317 views (which is 30 seconds long).

Why such different view counts? Would Ferrero Rocher buy views, a practice YouTube prohibits? If so, why? I think there’s more to this story so if you can shed any light, comment below and let’s get to the bottom of it!

Going back to the original ad, do you like the music? Can you think of a different song you’d use to back the visuals of the ad? Is there anything fishy going on with the YouTube views of these few videos? Let’s chat…

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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