icky and slimy politicians

I’m going to try hard to not narrow this down to just Republicans or just Democrats because everyone knows both parties have politicians who only care about popularity, power, fortune, and fame. Some are more obvious than others. Anyone who watched the State of the Union MUST be wondering what in the crap was going on with Nancy Pelosi. If she isn’t the worst of us, I don’t know who is.

Happy Democratic Party GIF by The Democrats - Find & Share on GIPHY

But to keep this post right down the middle, I think both major parties would agree that it’s sickening to see politicians get rich while they’re so out of touch with what the rest of us deal with every day.

I still have a sliver of faith that some men and women get into politics for noble reasons, it’s just the icky ones we see on TV every day. So maybe there’s hope yet. At least for a couple more years.

Whether you liked him as President or not, Donald Trump was right that it’s time, PAST time, to drain the swamp. Slimy people are still in power and if we’re not careful, the ones we dislike the most are going to run for President sooner rather than later.

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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