Florida State Park pictures – St. Andrews and Falling Waters

Over the past year since I started using a Sony A6600 to photograph anything and everything, I’ve discovered that my favorite subject is nature and wildlife. Combine that with the adventure of camping in the past few months and the opportunities for photographing stuff is pretty high. I’ve already posted about St. Andrews State Park and Falling Waters State Park but thought I’d add a few more pictures to the mix. Each picture includes a quick description. Thanks for dropping in…

Great Blue Heron (St. Andrews State Park) – Alligator Lake is the place you want to go to in order to see these big birds flying around.

Osprey (St. Andrews State Park) – This bird was perched here for quite a while which allowed me to get as many photos as I could. This tree is near the ocean side of the park, not the lagoon/bay side.

Pelican (St. Andrews State Park) – Pelican flying over the jetty leading out of the bay and into the ocean.

Seagull (St. Andrews State Park) – I really like the buildings in the background of this picture, making the seagull standout, standing on the wet sand.

Sandpiper (St. Andrews State Park) – Cute little thing snooping around for some grub.

Fisherwoman (St. Andrews State Park) – fishing from the beach on a cold February day.

Pier and stars (St. Andrews State Park) – It was around 1030pm when I got this photo. I love the moonlight shining on the pier as the stars polk-a-dot the sky above.

Forest Path (Falling Waters State Park) – This was a pretty walk through the forest and although this has been my least favorite park (here’s why), it provided a few photos that I like.

Starry Night (Falling Waters State Park) – Photo was recorded around midnight on a cold February night.

Tall, Tall Trees (Falling Waters State Park) – I tried some light painting in this photo, giving some color to the trees with the stars as the backdrop.

-Out of the Wilderness

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