Keys To The Country – Two Versions, Songs of the Summer?

On Twitter, it was posted by a radio show host that Chris Janson’s song “Keys To The Country” will be the song of the summer. Chris Janson’s fans have been craving another hit like “Buy Me A Boat” and they might have it now. Check out the video below…

Besides one of my pet peeves where the video doesn’t match the song (in this case, the lyrics include a Ford F-350 but an F-150 is used in the video, a lot like “Dirt Road Anthem” from Jason Aldean which is filmed ON A PAVED ROAD!!!), it’s a catchy song and might please both pop country fans and traditional country fans.

But did you know…

Chevrolet wasn’t going to let Ford get away with all that free advertising, no way, Jose! And in a twist of irony, a song with the same title by Colt Ford mentions Chevy 4 times. Everything is backwards in America right now. Chris Janson’s song mentions Ford (the brand, not Colt Ford) 3 times.

Here’s Colt Ford’s take on “Keys to the Country”…

Some facts…

Colt Ford released his song in September, 2021. Just six months later Chris Janson released his, March 2022. Writers for Colt’s song are Colt Ford, Josh Mirenda, and Taylor Phillips. Writers for Chris Janson’s are Ashley Gorley, Chris Janson, Dallas Davidson, and Zach Crowell.

Also, I never know how to write apostrophe s for a person’s name that ends in s …so I wrote Chris Janson’s full name every time he was mentioned. Should it be Chris’s, Chris’, or Chriseses’s??? I have no idea. Full transparency at all times over here, y’all.

Which version do you like better? Will either one be picked up as “song of the summer” by country music fans?

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

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